Racing Officials Accreditation Program
Goals & Objectives

  • Accredit all racing officials, stewards and judges.

  • Provide educational opportunities and a credible examination process to produce qualified, accredited racing officials, judges and stewards for all aspects of the horse racing industry.

  • Enhance accreditation schools and CE workshops.

  • Develop a uniform curriculum and examination process.

  • Increase recognition of accredited racing officials.

  • Review state rules for uniformity on riding infractions.

  • Program Benefits:

  • Racing officials who successfully complete and maintain their accreditation are better equipped to provide supervision and regulation in a professional and consistent manner in the increasingly complex world of horse racing.

  • Racetracks and racing commissions that employ accredited officials are represented by qualified officials who have the experience, knowledge and skills to perform their duties at the highest levels.

  • Racing fans are confident that the sport is being overseen by qualified experts.

  • Horsemen feel their investments are protected and the sport is being conducted on a level playing field.