Racing Officials Accreditation Program

Video Survey #3 is now available. Please click the video survey tab above.

The video surveys are used as an educational tool for stewards. Periodically videos will be placed on this site for a specified amount of time for stewards to review and submit feedback. Once the time period has expired, an overview of the results will be placed on the video results section.

To date, two video surveys were completed. Stewards at racetracks across the country watched each of these videos as a group, made a collaborative decision on the outcome of each race and answered the six questions found on the response page for each race. Individual stewards and those who were not currently working as a steward also completed the survey individually. The purpose of the video survey is to analyze the uniformity of stewards across North America in putting up the inquiry sign and determining whether or not to disqualify a horse after a foul or interference. ROAP has and will continue to use knowledge gained from this survey to formulate future accreditation schools and CE's to promote uniformity among racing officials in North America. A summary of the results can be found next to each video.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this survey, and we hope you participate in future surveys. Our next video survey will include many enhancements based on participant feedback. If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact the ROAP office at 859-224-2702 or e-mail us at