Racing Officials Accreditation Program
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Duties and Responsibilities of Racing Officials on DVD
This is an informational video that gives an overview of the responsibilities and duties of all racing officials. Gain insight into the fundamentals of the day-to-day operations that racing officials are accountable for.Various racing officials are interviewed first hand, including paddock judges, placing judges, starters, clerk of scales and horse identifiers. Learn from professionals what it takes to be part of a team that is responsible for upholding the integrity of horse racing.
Price: $15 (plus 6% sales tax for Kentucky residents).

Racing Officials Resource Guide 3rd Edition, 306 pp. Lexington, Kentucky, 2011.
The Guide contains insightful observations from some of racing's most knowledgeable and respected individuals. Not only should it be required reading for every racing official, it also would appeal to any serious student of the sport. The resource guide was commissioned by the Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP) for use in conjunction with accreditation courses and is a source for those who want to learn more about officiating horse racing. This edition includes the following exclusive features:

  • What is a Steward or Judge?
  • Basics for Steward Hearings; Informal Hearings and Formal Hearings
  • When Something Happens; Steps to take in an inquiry or objection, when the weather turns bad, when the wrong horse races.
  • Medication Testing; Basic principles, trainer responsibility rules, chain of custody, split sample.
  • And much more.
Price: $30.00 (plus 6% sales tax for Kentucky residents).

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Additional Reading Materials are below:

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-- 2005 Physicians' Desk Reference The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs : Sixth Edition

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-- A Legal Research Guide to American Thoroughbred Racing Law for Scholars, Practitioners and Participants by Joan S. Howland and Michael J. Hannon